The future of meeting productivity is here

If you struggle to get things done, or feel that your employees could be more productive, we have the answer.  Less Meetings is an easy to use, state of the art technology that makes scheduling less meetings fun and rewarding.  By showing the value of meetings, employees understand that there are costs – both monetary and productively.  Less Meetings gives them an easy way to do more, and attend less meetings.

While we can never eliminate all meetings, a recent study by the Harvard Business Review shows that 50% of meetings can be eliminated, and the rest can be cut in half.  That equates to a 75% waste rate.

What if you eliminated 10% of wasteful meetings?  Or 25%?  You’ll save money, make employees happier and more productive, and get more done!  We’re looking for ten companies to become founding members of this revolutionary software.

To learn more, watch the demo video below, then fill out the form for your personal presentation.

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